An Eczema Must-Have | Childs Farm Review

To be clear, I use a hefty dosage of steroid cream to keep my otherwise maddening eczema at bay. I’m yet to find a more natural product which does quite as good a job at making sure I don’t end up with arms like a cat-scratch post. I did my time avoiding the doctors’ dosage of medicated cream and barrel loads of Diprobase (does anyone ever actually get through that industrial-sized bottle?). Eventually I caved and went back to my GP out of desperation, hence the steroid cream, but my search continued for products that didn’t make me feel and smell like my Nan’s medicine cabinet.

About a year ago I was sent this article about the Childs Farm moisturiser and, an absolute sucker for a success story, I ordered some on Amazon immediately. I’m always sceptical about claims of ‘cured’ eczema sans steroids because in my experience the condition is ruthless, but I was willing to give it a go.

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Marketed for babies, I expected it would be suitable for my sensitive skin. It’s free from artificial colours, parabens, SLSs (read more about Sodium Lauryl sulphate here) and mineral oils, meaning it shouldn’t irritate delicate skin like many heavily fragranced products. What I did not expect was for it to smell so good as well. This does not usually happen. Grapefruit & organic tea tree would seem to be to thank for that, and remarkably the citrus in there does absolutely nothing to irritate my skin. I noticed a huge difference in the redness of my eczema within a couple of days. The itching subsided and generally everything calmed down.

Granted, it didn’t magically cure me but it made a big difference in little time. While not especially good for tackling dryness, sensitivity it does conquer. If you’ve got skin like the Sahara desert alongside eczema this could be a gem used in combination with a richer moisturiser.  I would 100% recommend to anyone that suffers with eczema and the like, it is by far the best cream I’ve found that isn’t medicated and smells amazing. And for under £3 per bottle (250ml with an easy-to-use pump) I will definitely repurchase.


What’s your favourite sensitive skin product? Comment below!


11 thoughts on “An Eczema Must-Have | Childs Farm Review

  1. I know what you’re going through! My skin is very sensitive as well, since I’m allergic to almost every beauty product, which is pretty annoying. I currently use a lot of baby products and hypoallergenic products to keep my skin hydrated.

    Anyway, great post!

    Lots of love,


    1. For the price this is definitely worth a try, even if it doesn’t quite work for you! Me too, i’ll be posting about my favourite winter remedies soon! I used to be on hydrocortisone but you’re right, if I even skipped one day of using it I’d flare up again. I’m using Eumovate now which is a little better – it gives me a couple of days rest at least!
      Thanks for reading xx

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