The Best Balms For Problematic Lips

From a young age I’ve been cursed with dry, chapped, painful, cracking lips (and yes I drink enough water, thanks). I can’t remember a time where I didn’t need an emergency lip balm in every room, every bag, every coat pocket and, as I discovered at 17, one for my car as well. If, like me, your nightmares are filled with visions of not having a tube of balm within five feet, you might be in the market for a product that manages to keep the hydration going for longer than five minutes! Fear not – I have you covered with my top picks in a range of prices, textures, scents and even packaging styles below…


Classic Carmex

This might seem like an obvious one, but it’s just a classic go-to. I repurchase this time and time again. I find the consistency quite wet on the skin, but I like that because it means it doesn’t absorb instantly and the longer it stays on the surface of my lips the longer they feel comfortable. This also means it leaves a slightly glossy finish, which looks nice on its own or layered on top of a slightly dry lipstick. It’s cheap, available in lots of high-street shops, and smells great with a range of flavours available. This tends to get me through the summer months when the weather isn’t so harsh on my skin, and it contains SPF 15 too.

LUSH Lip Service

This stuff is like gold dust to me. The formula, gentle citrus scent and waxy texture are all huge positives. A little goes a long way which is great because it is a little pricey at £7.50 for a small pot. The texture took me a while to get used to, it seems very firm in the pot but when it warms into the skin it feels perfectly nourishing. It’s a thick, intense balm without the thick, intense texture – perfect! The ingredients, in classic LUSH style, are all completely natural and cruelty free. This is great for sensitive skin or  for if, like me, medicated balms are too harsh on your lips.

EOS Visibly Soft

Evolution of Smooth products can be a bit tricky to find here in the UK, but that hasn’t stopped the American brand growing a fan base overseas. It’s obvious why – their products are one of the best I’ve tried.  With a huge range of scents and flavours (my personal favourites are Honey Apple and Vanilla Mint) and unique spherical design they are definitely a treat. The formula is so moisturising and feels thick on the lips without needing much application which really feels like it’s locking in moisture, almost like a barrier cream. I tend to reach for these in winter months. They also last such a long time even if you’re like me and apply constantly throughout the day. You can find EOS in a few stockists around the UK but I would recommend stocking up on Amazon , where you can find them for around £4-£6.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Lip Protectant

Fans of the Eight Hour Cream: did you know there’s a balm version?! I didn’t for a while, and am so glad I was introduced to this product. As a consumer of the original cream formula and knowing how intensely nourishing that is for my face, I had no doubts the lip balm would be just what I needed. Exactly what I expected, definitely a luxury product with a luxury price (the pot, though, is large for a balm and lasts a long time!) but very worth it if you need something this intense on your lips. A little bit of a funny scent, like the face treatment if you’re familiar with it, but nothing off-putting. The texture is very sticky but that means it stays on the lips for ages, great for when you’re outside for a long period of time in cold weather. The balm comes in multiple forms; a tube, a pot and a lipstick-style formula if you have a preference.

The Body Shop Hemp Balm

‘Heavy Duty Lip Care’ sounds like something I need in my life. And, in true does what it says on the tin style, The Body Shop have smashed it with this one. This balm feels just as thin and light as Vaseline does, but delivers the intense hydration of one of the more ‘sticky’ products. So, if you don’t like the feeling of a heavy balm but still need the concentrated formula – this could be the one for you. For anyone that has experience with the rest of the Hemp range you’ll know the smell isn’t for everyone, but I personally find it so mild that it isn’t enough to bother me at all. It comes in a classic sleek twist-up-tube packaging as well which I think is the most convenient of all the balms. It’ll typically  set you back £4.50, ideal if you want something as natural as the LUSH balm but a little cheaper.


Let me know in the comments what your favourite lip products are, and if there’s anything you think I should try out!


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